Marsigliocar’s new multilayer Iperchrome finish decks up your car for the red-carpet

The boys in the Gulf will love this one! Tuning experts Marsigliocar has launched a new exclusive multilayer chrome finish called Iperchrome for road use. It has eight layers of specifically lab-designed components and boasts a 3D aspect. It comes in four versions: light cherry red, light space blue, light emerald green, and light liquid gold in gloss and matt. It takes three to eight weeks to prepare, and the cost starts from 6000 EUR ($8,125). The main feature that makes this product suitable for road use is the rate of light reflection of less than 90%. This means that the treated surfaces maintain an extra-bright aspect while avoiding the glare phenomenon typical of a 100% reflective surface. Care to dress up your car and drive away with the chrome look?


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