Maserati celebrates centennial year with epic driving events across the USA

Celebrations done the Italian way generally involve the ‘coming together’ of folks. Pretty much what Maserati have planned for their 100th anniversary. The company’s North America launch is pretty much an elaborate conglomeration of about hundred passionate drivers who will participate in driving events across major cities. Fittingly named the ‘Cento anni di Maserati’, the rally will cover historically significant locations such as bridges or other driving routes. This would serve as a subtle metaphor for the undeniable bond between the Italian motor manufacturer and the glorious past of American driving.

The itinerary of the event kicks it off at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC on 1st November. Similar such drives will also take place at Miami Beach and Los Angeles. The finale of the drive will culminate in the coming together of all rallies at private opera by Teatro Regio Torino of Turin at the Chicago Harris Theater. It couldn’t get more Italiano than that now, could it?

Peter Grady, President and CEO of Maserati said, “Maserati is more famous in North America today than at any point in its rich 100-year history. This is a unique moment in time, in which we celebrate with Cento anni di Maserati. The brand has had great success in North America and is expected to continue to flourish over the next few years with its expanding product line. For our owners, this special event series is a unique opportunity to experience the cars and culture of Maserati which helped build this brand and ensure its bright future. We are proud to be ‘Made in Italy’ and responsible for bringing that 100-year-old tradition of craftsmanship and design to the North American market.”

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