Maserati shows its concern for the environment by creating a carbon-fiber bicycle

Many automakers are consciously making efforts towards building eco-friendly means of transport. And the latest carmaker to show its concern towards environmental issues is Maserati, who has a bicycle. Displayed at the recent Geneva Motor Show, the bicycle exudes Maserati’s class and style. The extraordinary bicycle was built using steel, aluminum, and carbon-fiber by renowned Italian manufacturer Milani. According to the client’s needs, the bicycle can be suited to different purposes- one for speed and racing (Veloce), and one for more leisurely uses (Turismo). Featuring Maserati’s logo and its frame, the bicycle flaunts the company’s traditional dark blue livery. An exquisite creation, it will definitely appeal to many people.

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The bike is available in different sizes (from small to extra large), with price ranging from €3,000 ($3,870) to €6,000 ($7,741).