Maxi-Cozi Pria 70 Leather Edition car seat for junior to travel in style

The world’s not enough when it comes to purchases related to your little one, isn’t it? If it were me, I’d buy my kiddo the entire package – the Silver Cross Aston Martin Surf or a Fendi-Inglesina pram (maybe both!), the Su Bach Cocoon and perhaps, even the DoDo Bassinet! But you know what, it only gets more complicated, more so, with the new Pria 70 Leather Edition on the prowl. This new launch, courtesy Maxi-Cozi, is a hybrid between comfort and luxury. Worth every penny of the $875 it priced at, the Pria 70 is an adjustable baby car seat in-built with safety gears – a strong internal truss system ensuring absorption of forces in the event of a crash and airbags on either side of the seat, which would deflate with pressure working as cushions to protect the toddler.

That’s not all; made from genuine soft leather, this luxurious baby seat sports a cute cup holder attached to one of its sides. Designed to fit kids weighing 9-70 pounds ($-31 kg), it is ideal for kids who are chauffeured around in cars like Rolls Royce or Aston Martin.

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[Maxi-Cosi and Gizmodo]

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