Maybach 57S gets new white finish

Pearl beckons you to the lap of luxury. Until now, the sportiest version of Daimler Chrysler’s ultra luxury saloon was available in black or silver only, and both look good no doubt. The coolest addition to the color scheme, however, is the best, and it’ll do the rounds in Paris later this month. The Maybach 57 S is now available in “Antiqua White,” a pearlescent finish that has a richness befitting a car of this exclusive nature. The sleek color looks luxuriant because experienced specialists using a highly involved process apply the white paint finish of the 57 S in multiple layers – there are almost twice as many layers than is usual for other luxury cars. The sporty car gets a trendy look with this new color.

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Hush away your riches and cruise down the freeway in this new look of the season.