Maybach offers $100,000 cashback, the highest rebate offered to buyers

Discount is probably the sweetest eight-letter word to fall on your ears. And declaring cash rebates to pull car shoppers isn’t a new practice either. But when the rebate is a six-figure one, your ears will surely stand up. Maybach is now offering up to $100,000 cashback to buyers of Type 57 and Type 62 sedans. The idea is to ease out the Maybach brand completely.

The Type 57 sports a V-12 engine and comes with hand-fitted leather seat trim, hand-polished wood, and leather-trimmed surface, Bose sound system with 21 speakers, a rear audio-visual system with dual video monitors, and a DVD player. It is priced between $376,300 and $416,200. The Type 62, priced between $427,700 and $467,600, is similar to the Type 57 but features a longer wheelbase and offers bigger interior space.

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