MC²60 is the latest luxury speed catamaran from McConaghy Catamarans

If you are looking for a catamaran that combines speed with comfort and luxury, then your search ends with the dual hulled MC² range. Coming from the stable of customized racing yachts makers McConaghy Catamarans, the range has been crafted aklong side racing multihull specialist Banuls Design. The first of the series is the MC²60, which is a composite, high-performance luxury catamarans, which is not “a stripped out racer” but “an open space minimalist design without sacrificing comfort”.

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The speed yacht will come with four cabins that can be semi customized, and can be maintained and sailed without a fulltime crew. The construction of the high-speed luxury catamaran will start in June 2011 with the delivery slated to September 2012.