Leica and McLaren team up for an exclusive photo-shoot of the P1 supercar

When you set out to click pictures of the best, you better make sure you’re using the best to shoot! Iconic German camera manufacturer Leica joined hands with McLaren Singapore for an exclusive photo-shoot of every boy’s fantasy, the McLaren P1. The car and the camera are both known as premium products of their industry and have made their way in the hearts and wishlists of many. Celebrated Singaporean photographer, Geoff Ang, was the man behind the lens for this photo-shoot that was hosted at Ang’s studio.

Ang used the Leica S, a camera celebrated as a champion in the realm of medium format photography. The photo-shoot wasn’t simply to showcase the car. Instead, Ang looked to capturing the vehicle in such a way, that it aspires and inspires. The photographer has focused mainly on the aerodynamic form and lines of the McLaren P1 and has captured the full essence of the car in a series of pictures you shouldn’t miss, particularly if you’re a shutterbug who loves the roar of a twin-turbo V8.

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[Via – Luxury-Insider and Facebook]