McLaren showroom to open up in swanky One Hyde Park

One Hyde Park, located in the posh Knightsbridge area, is set to become one of London’s most high profile developments when it opens in October this year. Joining the lucky few who will get to call this development their home is McLaren, who will be opening a showroom at this prestigious location. The showroom will open early next year and will be the flagship of the company. Visitors can feast their eyes on the exclusive display of cars inside this showroom, which includes the new MP4-12C supercar. This news is sure to excite the McLaren fans in London who would make it a point to view the latest machines on offer by their favorite automaker.

Adding to the exclusivity of this already exclusive showroom is that McLaren is one of the lucky few to snag a showroom space in the prestigious One Hyde Park development which only has three sites for retailers.

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