Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing bring the most powerful ‘open performance’ boat of all time!

The Cigarette Racing Team will see their most powerful ‘open performance’ boat ever thanks to their sixth collaboration with Mercedes-AMG. The result of the alliance will be the Cigarette Racing Team 41’ SD GT3 boat will be inspired by the German carmaker’s racecar with the same model name. While the boat will comply with the FIA’s GT3 race rules, it will be a hot favourite in the most prestigious competition. The key characteristics of the GT3 racecar include the low centre of gravity and idea distribution of weight and wide track width. While the car is powered by an AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine the Cigarette Racing Team 41’ SD GT3 will be driven by a pair of Mercury Racing 1100 HP engines with NXT6 Drives. As the name has it, the boat has a length of 41-feet and a 11-foot beam. This can drive it at an impressive 100 mph on open waters while maintaining a weight of about 20,000 pounds.

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While performance may be a key driver, the boat will also borrow a number of physical visible characteristics from its inspiration. The interior and exteriors will be handcrafted with matte components, teak wood flooring and marine grade leather interiors. “Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing are known for iconic products,” said Head of Design at Daimler AG, Gorden Wagener. “Designing the 41′ SD GT3 we used some unexpected design elements from our Mercedes-AMG GT3 to create another racing icon, the most powerful “open performance” boat ever produced by the Cigarette Racing Team.” Technology has also been upped with 17-inch displays, navigation, audio, computerized controls and Bluetooth connectivity.
The Miami International Boat Show is open to the public from February 11th to February 15th. Visit it at the Miami Stadium Park and Basin and catch a glimpse of this monster of a boat. Here’s what the alliance resulted in last year.

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