Mercedes Benz C63 AMG special edition dresses in white and red for Japan

German automaker, Mercedes Benz, loves its customers in Japan. The company, known for dishing out C63 AMG sedan in red and black accents, has presented the land of the rising sun yet another special edition ride, the C63 AMG sedan dressed in a white and red hue. The car sports catchy red accents on its mirrors, brake, calipers, and boot lid spoiler. Keeping with the theme, Mercedes Benz has soaked the insides with red and black leather, perfectly contrasting the white exterior of this special edition car.

This special edition will be available in both coupe and sedan variants and will also boast a performance tune. Packing a V8 engine that outputs 480 hp, this beast wrapped in white will be limited to just 15 models in the coupe variant and 20 models in the sedan variant, making it a truly exceptional car to own!

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