Mercedes outruns BMW as world’s luxury car king

In the battle for becoming the world’s biggest luxury car brand, our beloved German marquee- Mercedes is all set to outbid a list of its coveted counterparts, including most significantly its old rival – BMW. After losing its coveted title (of being the automobile ruler) to BMW way back in 2005, trailing even below VW’s Audi, Daimler AG CEO- Dieter Zetsche took a 5-year public pledge to reclaim the lost spot. While many wrote off the brand’s resolve as impossible, Mercedes has nonetheless managed to emerge to the top again and that too four years ahead of schedule!

Keeping its marketing strategy simple, the brand introduced the GLC class sports utility vehicles that helped it take a massive lead ahead of BMW. The demand for the acclaimed SUV toppled over 12 percent in only 11 months, which is double than what its counterparts could ever achieve. Selling over 1.89 units worldwide, with over 182,602 units in November alone, it has easily swept its way to the top spot this year. Further, it is unlikely for Mercedes to trail down at all (at least up till 2018) with the launch of the much-awaited E-series lined up for March next year.
With BMW’s aging 3 series being counter raced by the GLC along with the upcoming E-series, its only hope is to bank on the introduction of the revamped 5-series and the late entry of the new X3 towards the end of 2017. For now, with unprecedented sales numbers and a double-digit growth surge, Mercedes has reclaimed the crown for the world’s top luxury car brand, fair and square!

[Via – Bloomberg]

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