Mercedes Benz to provide 40 dealerships with iPads

When launched, the iPad received mixed reviews with many condemning it while others endorsed it. Well, we can tell you that Mercedes Benz is part of the group that endorses this hi-tech gadget from Apple. It is being reported that Mercedes Benz is going to let 40 of its dealerships test out Apple iPads equipped with the company’s MB Advantage application. This application will allow dealers to answer various financial questions and begin the transaction process outside of the conventional office.

Mercedes-Benz salespeople will be able to enter a car’s VIN into the MB Advantage program to access the latest discounts and incentives. Furthermore, they will also begin the loan application process from the iPad rather than inside an office. This move by Mercedes Benz is sure to revolutionalize the marketing technology. Salespeople can say goodbye to note pads and pencils and add a hi-tech touch to all their dealings, courtesy of this new gadget. The automaker says that the iPad’s can also be used when a customer returns a leased vehicle for entering condition reports.
Both salespersons, as well as customers, are sure to benefit from this move.

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