Mercedes plans sportier makeovers for the A-Class and B-Class cars to woo youngsters

Mercedes-Benz is one of the giants in the luxury-car space. But with competitors Audi and BMW wooing the younger buyers with power packed small luxury cars, its about time that Mercedes-Benz enters the small car segment back with a bang. Keeping that in mind, the company is all set to updating its B-Class, and will add premium luxury features making the vehicle not only affordable but also a compact package on the whole. The vehicles currently available in Europe, China and Canada will now feature plusher interiors, radar-controlled collision prevention system and S-class style in-car Internet. The car will also be powered with a C-Class engine under the hood.

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There are three additional models compact models being planned apart from a sportier hatchback style A-class makeover to woo the younger audiences. Looks like youngsters are soon going to be spoilt for choice, the Merc-Benz way!