Mercedes SLR 750 gets a chrome makeover for the Moscow Millionaire Fair

Luxury fairs and auto shows are the place to discover luxury cars in bling avatars. The latest to join the list of chrome plated cars is this $300,000 Mercedes that showed up at the Millionaire Fair Moscow 2009. In past we have come across chrome versions of Lamborghini Murcielago, Ferrari 599 and a BMW M3, but this silver Kamrus Mercedes SLR 750 stole the show at this years Millionaire fair. Though, a diamond-encrusted Mercedes car ruled the Moscow Millionaire Fair 2007, this time the dazzle is subtler with just a chromed edition.

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Another limited edition Mercedes also stands at the Millionaire Fair Moscow 2009
Fast cars, high-bred horses, solid gold cell phones and more such opulent stuff can be seen at this annual fair that targets rich Russians. However the Fair is not restricted for the well-heeled only as it is open for everyone for an entrance fee of about $60. So folks like me, who cannot afford to owe such luxury, can at least experience a world that we can only dream of. Visitors can look, touch and feel like they are a part of this luxury world themselves.
If you keen to see more blinged edition of Mercedes then take a look at the Gold-mirror-finish Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and the Swarovski studded Mercedes Benz SL600.