Mercedes unveils its armoured E-Guard range

If your life is under considerable threat and if your bank balance can buy you all the happiness in the world, Mercedes has just the right thing for you to take a drive anytime you want and be confident of returning home safe and alive. After its E-Class launch, the company has now released its armored car, the E-Guard, with the standard E-Class designs alongside a range of safety measures. Some of the new adjustments include body armor into the chassis, a bulletproof polycarbonate, a blast-proof floor, and 17-inch tires. The interiors are as plushy as the carmaker is known for, and with the safety, additions will be a perfect buy for individuals who are a favorite on hit lists.

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The E-Guard comes in three engine variants and comes at a premium of 10,000 euros. It will be available to book by April this year. .

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