Mercedes-Benz delivers new Popemobile exclusively customized for Pope

I am not sure if it has anything to do with the fact that this man is always in the “good books” of the Almighty, but he is definitely one of the luckiest. The man in question is none other than His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. The Pope has just gotten himself a new set of wheels. And no ordinary wheels these. Yes, the Pope’s official mode of transport was delivered to him recently by none other than Mercedes-Benz head Dieter Zetsche. This latest delivery continues the trend of Daimler supplying papal transport, a legacy that stretches back 80 years. Christened the Popemobile, this Mercedes Benz is truly a class apart. The Popemobile is based on the latest M-Class. However, the SUV has been tweaked to meet the religious head’s requirements.

The Popemobile features reduced ride height to allow easier shipment of the vehicle. The vehicle also features improved visibility and lighting for the Pontiff. The Diamond White modified M-Class even boasts of the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed stars hanging from lighting fixtures. But it is the interiors that have us fascinated. The interiors have been done in such a way as to enhance the view of the Pope. There are considerably larger glass panels in the viewing area, along with a large illuminated roof lining. The throne, the central design feature in the interior, boasts of the embroidered coat of arms of the Holy Father.
A beautiful creation, it truly befits the aura of this world-renowned religious figure.

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