Mercury: Concept high-speed luxury train envisioned for UK

The future of UK, at least when it comes to transport, is envisioned to be fast and furious by British designers, Priestmangoode. Supporting their vision with their design, the designers have unveiled a concept design for a high-speed train for UK. Christened the Mercury, this 400 meter long, high-speed train is envisioned to be a double-decker train that can travel at speeds of 225 mph and boast of the longest nose sections in the world. An ambitious project, the interiors of this train are envisioned to boast of commuter seats and private berths, children’s play area, and lounge and bar.

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Paul Priestman believes that while the economic and political benefits of a world-class high speed rail network are clearly understood, having a train to be proud of is equally important. Thus, with his concept design he is hoping to get the government to move forward as soon as possible with the high-speed train project. What is more, when ready, Paul is sure the Mercury will become the new Great British design icon.
If the Mercury turns into a reality, it will become UK’s first ever double-decker train.

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