Mini Submarine is perfect to explore deep seas all by yourself

If you love the sea and want to seek solace in its depths, then you need a one-person mini-submarine. Spymaster is out with such a mini-sub that can also be doubled for harbor and ship security purposes. It can hit depths of up to 12 meters and easy to maneuver. Moreover, it comes sans a cumbersome tank and BCD Jacket. Each unit comes with 2 batteries that can be used alternatively, which can be charged up within 4-6 hours. Set in bright yellow, the 100cms x 63cms x 145cms sub weighing 95.4Kgs runs at a speed of 2Km/hour. This sub is priced at £12,000 ($19,000). However, if you’d prefer something more regal, then you can pick the Phoenix 1000, the CQ1, or the C-Explorer instead.
[Giftvault via Ubergizmo]

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