MObi is all about living luxuriously – differently

I am all for living unconventionally. And Your source magazine along with the international design team of Fitzsimons Design+Build is constructing a brand new way to experience total luxury mobile living and it’s called Mobitat. Called MObi for short, this is the ultimate restoration of a 1978 Sovereign 31’ Airstream Land Yacht. Designed for today’s wealthy traveler, MObi will encompass the latest in available smart technology, be completely “green” and loaded with creature comforts. Imagine this – rich walnut, stainless steel, white leather, café Mohair, Corian®, flat panels, hi-def LED screen, surround sound, smart technology, state of the art plumbing fixtures, over the top appliances, and environmental technology are all tucked into an aluminum capsule that you can take anywhere, anytime. And all you’ve got to do is sit back and enjoy the luxury.

You can check out as the guys put MObi through its construction paces. With every detail scrutinized, planned, and handpicked, Mobi will be the envy of every luxury traveler around the globe. Your source magazine, along with all major newspaper and magazine publishers in Canada, will be hosting the unveiling in April. And if you are an enthu-cutlet, you can experience the ultimate in luxury mobile living this July 2007. Don’t miss the trip.