Moller M200G “Jetsons-like” hovercraft is getting ready for the markets

Looking like the preferred vehicle of the Jetsons, the Moller M200G is getting set to go into commercial production. The UFO-looking craft can “glide over terrain at 50 MPH.” The craft is driven by the company’s Rotapower engines, and can operate up to 10 feet in altitude. The dedicated inventor, Dr. Paul Moller has been known for his dabbles in the field of hovercrafts and flying vehicles. His work covers over forty years of trying to invent alternative forms of transportation. Though the company has never brought a vehicle to market, their “Jetsons-like” craft could change that record.
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The Moller M200G’s actual production cost places it as a $90,000+ vehicle, with no release date in sight.


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