Motorized Four-Person Lounger Boat for a cool water jaunt

Perfect boat for crashing against the waves….and perfect for an adventurous family of four! Summer is just waiting to show its true colors but we too can gear up to beat the heat by hitting the cool water bodies. The Motorized Four-Person Lounger Boat from Hammacher is an electric prop-driven watercraft that allows up to four people to navigate around lakes. Featuring a five-speed electric motor that includes three reverse speeds too, this lounger can support up to 700 lbs. It also has a speed control knob and a lever arm for steering. A battery life indicator that tells you when batteries are low is also integrated. This ultimate lounger has a maximum speed of 3 knots (3 1/2 mph) and can operate for up to eight hours before the batteries require a recharge. The pontoons have recesses that can accommodate coolers and include built-in handholds for easy mounting. Since no jaunt is complete without feasting, this boat too has built-in cup holders and mesh storage bags.

Read more about the techie part that I have missed at Hammacher that is selling this family-sized motorized Lounger Boat for a family-sized price of $4000.

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