Mr. Bean’s million dollar McLaren F1 supercar wrecked in an accident

Luxury car crashes seems to be all the rage these days. Couple of days back four cars valued at a million dollars was involved in a fender bender in Monaco. This time however it was Britain’s funny man Rowan Atkinson and his million dollar car which was involved in a crash. Atkinson who is famous as the character “Mr. Bean” lost control of his McLaren F1 supercar. Atkinson crashed into a tree and hit a lamp post near Haddon. The actor escaped with minor injuries and was released from hospital the next day. The McLaren F1 supercar has the reputation of being one of the world fastest cars. In addition to this car, Atkinson also owns Ashton Martins and Rolls Royces among others. He is a known car aficionado and has written several articles for auto magazines and also appeared in Britain’s car show Top Gear.

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