Mukesh Ambani acquires a Boeing Business Jet 2 for $73 million

The boss himself didn’t shy from buying a costlier jet for himself after gifting a $60 million Airbus plane to wife Neeta on her 44th birthday. Adding to the fleet Reliance Industries Limited this new Boeing Business Jet 2 (BBJ2) is going to be exclusively used by Mukesh himself. Derived from the 737-800 airframe design, the plane is a veritable flying hotel-cum-boardroom. Its 1,004 sq-ft cabins can seat up to 78 passengers. It also has an executive lounge and a private suite. The interior configuration can typically include an executive office, conference rooms, private offices, and bedrooms.

The aircraft comes with the additional option of creating a personal environment. For example, instead of having a living room-dining room-master bedroom-bathroom layout, the owner can opt for two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Well, if you have been considered as the world’s richest man then you are definitely excused for showering yourself with all this luxury!
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