Mulltimedia Trailer takes your media on wheels

It isn’t too much to ask for when you have a trailer in mind. It can act as per your needs and can be designed to fulfill all your requirements. We have seen trailers used as horse stables, gaming arcades and even dressing rooms for actors. How about having a multimedia trailer that can keep you and everyone around you entertained as and when you wish to turn up the volume. The Multimedia Trailer is designed by Tailgating Innovations and is powered by 47-inch flat-screen satellite television, a Sony Bravia 5.1 surround home theater rig, a hitch-mounted gas grill, and a 1000 watt audio system.

Imagine being stranded in the middle of the road, with no mechanic in sight, awaiting the break of dawn. The only refuge you have is to sit back and watch the vampire flick in the middle of the forest on a 47 inch screen.

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