Neiman Marcus presents Hacker-Craft Speedboat for $250,000

If you don’t have your hands on the Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift book for 2011, then Christmas shopping would be tedious and tiring. If you don’t, then you can still check out some rare nuggets featured in the publication. If a dancing fountain is not what you want, you can check out a stunning 27-foot long made-in-USA mahogany boat instead. The hand-built boat sports 15 coats of varnish to make the mahogany gleam and are powered by a Mercury Marine 8.2 High Output 425-horsepower engine-CE. The boat features a personalized bow burgee, gold-leafed waterline, underwater lighting, and deep violet bottom on which you can etch your name in 23-karat gold leafing.

You can see cream-colored seating with purple piping on the inside, along with a lot of hi-tech gadgetry, including a monogrammed humidor, topnotch refrigerator, GPS, and premium stereo sound system. In fact, even your crew can get personalized uniforms, and the works, like “embroidered button-down shirts for you and your crew or the sterling silver plaque that graces the cockpit, notifying passengers that they are aboard the Neiman Marcus-Edition Hacker-Craft.” Priced at $250,000, for each of the 10 limited edition speedboats that will be sold, a donation of $3,000 will go to the Double H Ranch.

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