Nestt car seat for the next generation babies

There is a dime a dozens cars seats available in the market but this one is aiming to be the best of them. Although still in its conceptual stage, the Nestt car seat is sure to nestle your kid just like a snuggled unborn chick in the egg. Inspired by the form of an egg, the ultimate safe enclosure, Nestt offers an elegant solution by combining security with ease, featuring single-handed tilt and swivel with almost no moving parts. The seat incorporates an air suspension system, a breathable seating surface, and air channels, removable cushions of memory foam that allow for a precise and comfortable fit, as well as retractable and indexed seatbelts. They certainly look cool too with colorful and luxurious memory foam cushions.

As the designers have made sure that it complies with Federal Motor Vehicle safety standards, it wouldn’t be long before we can strap ‘em up in our cars.