New Volkswagen Phaeton flagship will be all electric

Although the Volkswagen (VW) Phaeton was not really a hit on American soil, to the effect that they had to, at one point (2006), stop the sale of the vehicle, the car did fare quite well overseas. In light of that the company, putting aside their recent turmoil with the Diesel emission scandal and sever drop in stocks, has decided to add a new edition to the series with a new flagship model that is soon to be launched and will be a fully electric luxury car.

According to a report, the company says that the upcoming Phaeton will have “long-distance capability” with its pure-electric set up. Of course we can also expect it to be thoroughly ‘teched’ out as well complete with latest in connectivity options and what the company also claims as “next-generation assistance systems”. VW also spoke of all of the new systems being closely tied into something they’ve dubbed “emotional design”, which at this point of time, is a bit of a mystery. Whatever new-age, next-gen technologies that the car will feature would undoubtedly be emulated in their upcoming brands as well.

Volkswagen is keeping a lid on the details regarding the when and where of the launch, other features and the pricing information as well. Some reports are talking about this being their most expensive vehicle under this VW branded series. Needless to say, they’re in serious need of a winning situation and perhaps going the eco-friendly way is their way of balancing out the excess in emissions caused by their diesel engines.

[ Via : Cnet ]

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