New Cessna Citation Ten business jets to be powered by Rolls-Royce engine

Air travel usually gives the jitters to many people for several reasons. And so the faster it ends the better, more so if the trip is for an important business. To make that trip easy, Cessna has rolled out a brand new business jet called the Citation Ten. This bigger version of the Citation X will run on the Rolls-Royce AE 3007C2 engine, with a planned test flight in 2011. The Rolls-Royce AE 3007C2 is a part of the highly acclaimed AE 3007 Rolls-Royce engine family.

It promises better mechanical durability and stability thanks to its wider 38.5-inch compound swept fan blades. It provides 4 percent better takeoff thrust, 6 to 10 percent growth in climb and cruise thrust, and 1.4 percent better utilization of engine specific fuel consumption (SFC).
Image – [Cessna]

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