New Mercedes Benz SLK will drive out with a Magic Sky Control roof

The new Mercedes Benz SLK is shying from showing its whole self, but the first images released reveal its latest roof feature. Dubbed the Magic Sky Control roof, it is an optional feature of the SLK, but I am sure all those who will book this new Mercedes Benz will not give it a miss. For about 2,000 Euro ($2,750), the smart roof can alter the transparency to suit the climate outside and the needs of the folks sitting inside. Using the plate condenser, the roof can be kept transparent or darkened at the touch of the button. This (magic) technology is new to the roof system and is more effective than traditional shutters. You can still drive with an open-air feeling without actually getting affected by the solar radiation as the transparent mode also blocks the UV and infrared light. Just utter Abracadabra (and, of course, press the button) to control the intensity of the light to your comfort in the new SLK.

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