Nicolas Sarkozy’s Presidential Plane soars high on comfort with a $410 million makeover

Have you ever wondered what is so special about the planes flying ahead of nations? Well, let’s start with the French president’s ride. President Nicolas Sarkozy’s jet, also dubbed as “Air Sarko One,” is an Airbus A330 bought off Air Caraibes as per reports from Daily Mail. The $83 million underwent retrofitting worth $410 million to be fit for presidential comfort. This includes a $3 million office, a bedroom en-suite that features $1.6 million worth of electric shutters, and two ovens worth $108,000!

The plane also features a missile defense system, a medical room, and a conference room that can accommodate 12 people, with a chair that makes the 5-foot 5-inch president taller when presiding over meetings. If a president can have a life like that, who wants to be royalty?
[AOL Travel]

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