Obama’s $1.1 million campaign bus is the Air Force One for the road

Well, US President Barack Obama makes quite a style statement. His towering persona reflects in his vehicles, as his limo is actually called the “Beast.” But his new bus is no less than a real monster! Going into mode campaign for his three-day tour of Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois, the President, took to his “sleek and even sinister-looking” armored bus “with blacked-out windows” that is well worth $1.1 million. Equipped with the latest sophisticated secret communications technology, the bus sports police-style red, and blue flashing lights are front and rear.

Commissioned by the Secret Service, the buses are usually picked up on hire. However, this time they invested a whopping $2.2 million for two buses that would depreciate over a projected lifespan of 10-years. The other bus will be made available to the republican candidate throughout the 2012 election season. The bus location will be kept secret and will be flown where ever the President goes in a huge US cargo aircraft.

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