Olympic figure skater Kurt Browning accidently sets ablaze his Porsche Boxster

I thought if you owned a car as precious as a Porsche, you would take extra care of it to ensure no harms comes to this beauty. Maybe that’s what Olympic figure skater Kurt Browning thought he was doing when he decided to use a leaf blower to dry out the interior of his Porsche Boxster. However, this blow-dry session turned into a nightmare for the Olympic star when his car went up in flames, and the fire department had to be summoned to extinguish the flames. According to The Toronto Star, the city’s fire department said that Browning left the leaf blower unattended, and the car caught fire. But the fire didn’t just consume the car; reportedly, his house went up in flames shortly thereafter.

Browning tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. However, it was too late. Reportedly, a total of 80 firefighters and 10 trucks were on hand to reduce the damages and prevent the fire from spreading to the neighboring homes.
Although nobody was injured in this blaze, the house has suffered thousands of dollars in damages. Wonder if the Porsche survived the ordeal.

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