One-of-a-kind $25,000 mini Ferrari for children

Tom Cruise need not be the only dad to gift his toddler a mini custom car. If you have the money, you too can give your little speedster his/her very own set of wheels. For $25,000, you can now gift your beloved child the exclusive mini-Ferrari F40! A one-of-a-kind creation, this mini speedster was built in Germany for the premiere opening of the first Ferrari Dealership in Moscow. The unique beauty on wheels for children was designed and built by the company that does wind tunnel models for the Ferrari Factory F1 Team. What is more, to give its little occupants a real thrill, the mini machine is powered by an 80cc Honda engine. Designed to accommodate two, this car is a must-have for every Ferrari collector.

Your child will surely be the envy of all neighborhood kids as he/she zooms off in his/her very own Ferrari.

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