Only in Russia – A Maybach collides into a Maybach in the center of Moscow

Not many places around the globe have street accidents of this proportion. We have seen an Aston Martin reduced to rubble and some supercars getting beat up some bit but when it comes to Russia, things take a rather interesting turn. In a video snippet captured in Moscow, we see a rather careless accident that isn’t as severe as the aforementioned instances but is something that could be awkwardly expensive.

The video shows the much-desired Maybach Mercedes S-series regally awaiting its passengers and consuming a major portion of the drive-by. A few seconds later another Maybach strolls into the curb and attempts to make a turn. The chauffeur realizes that there isn’t enough room for two limousines on a single curb so backs up a bit but then something goes wrong. The driver the second car heads straight into the first one’s fender-bender, causing damage.

What next? Well, you’ve just dented two cars that probably cost about $150,000 each and no amount of apologies could solve that, especially if every evidence is caught on tape. The driver of the second car steps out and shows his displeasure towards how cars aren’t intelligent enough to know that they’re not supposed to be bumping into one another. Wow. Someone’s footing two bills if not one and there’s nothing to change this sad, sad situation.

[ Via : Rt ]

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