Outlandish or Genius? Elon Musk is adding rocket thrusters to the Tesla Roadster

Tesla sent shockwaves across the automobile industry last year when it surprised everyone by revealing a prototype of the next-generation Roadster. The claimed performance figures of the electric sports car were absolutely crazy. However, Elon Musk took to Twitter to say that those numbers were of the base model and the company will offer more potent variants of the Roadster with even more outlandish performance specs. He followed that up with a cryptic tweet which indicated that the upcoming Tesla performance car will be a rocket for the roads. Nobody read too much into that tweet until the recent Tesla Annual Shareholder Meeting where Elon teased an optional package for the Roadster which is outright crazy. The Tesla Roadster might come with rocket thrusters!

Calling it “SpaceX option package,” Elon claims that it will equip the new Roadster with multiple small thrusters which will not only make it faster but also aid in handling and deceleration. It might sound like an over-the-top concept that might never see the light of day, just like many other conceptual features we have seen in the past, but Elon seems pretty serious about it. According to him, the rocket thrusters won’t be like the ones powering the SpaceX rockets. Instead, the system will run on pressurized air that can be replenished through a pump connected to the car’s electrical system. That’s all the information that has been made public as of yet, but it sure is a wild, wild idea that might prove to be the knockout punch for gasoline-powered cars if it makes to production.


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