Own a piece of history through JamesList with Joseph Stalin’s ZIS-110 limousine

When you think of dictators and the World Wars, all that can possibly come to your mind is a history museum, and to collectors, you can think of auctions. But then again why would you want to own something that was in possession of a tyrant? Well then, turn to JamesList for the reason! On sale from them is a ZIS-110 limousine which quite literally, took Joseph Stalin for a ride. This 1949 model is a live example of the Packard Super Eight reverse engineering. The original parts were restored in 2001 by the makers ZiL.

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The car was being used as a parade car that too only between 1950 and 1953 by the late dictator, which explains the measly mileage of 1276km. Price is available on request.