Owning a Porsche became very easy, but in the Netherlands

If you ask yourself the quest, why Porsche isn’t driven by just about everyone, other than the odd haters of the brands, the reason is largely the cost that these cars come at. Which is just why Porsche in Netherlands has launched a unique and excitable program where multiple people can own a single Porsche car. Four, to be precise. The program is called ‘Share a Porsche’ and offers a private lease construction that includes a monthly payment that is shared by all participants. The owners have to pay an amount for the car that is dependent on the kilometers that they will drive the car for. There are also some fixed costs that are evenly distributed, such as maintenance, reparation fees, taxes and insurance.

Porsche (3)
An accompanying app ensures that everyone who is part of the deal is updated with the status of the car as well as their balance kilometers to drive. Some may look at this as an aspirational campaign to create loyal consumers for the brand, but if you look at it from an environmentally sustainable perspective, it fits in just well.
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