Pack up your Porsche when it’s stuck in the snow

Conveyance in snow land might get a little tricky but Porsche has no shortage of options available to you. But if do happen to get stuck in the snow, then worry not, cause Porsche knows exactly how to keep you moving. The Porsche AluminiumSchlitten is a bobsled made out of aluminum that folds into a handy carrying case and rides on high-grade stainless steel skids. The Porsche KinderBob (you must have guessed by the name) is more for the kids. The Kinderbob features a racy design with space for one person, handlebars for steering and also a horn for passing in the fast lane down the toboggan run.

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The Aluminiumschlitten sells for €250($360) and the Kinderbob retails for €65($94) in Germany.