Paddle your Ferrari FXX on the streets

Watch your kid’s race from school on their brand-new Ferrari FXX. If you think this kid’s car is just another Christmas gift for your little one, think again. This super wheel is a Pedal car by Ferrari. It is designed in context to Maranello’s developmental track-car. The FXX Racer pedal car comes equipped with a seven-speed transmission, an on-board computer, disc brakes, semi-slick racing tires, and styling, feels like a real one isn’t it? If that wasn’t all, the FXX Exclusive (pictured above) upgrades with a premium racing bucket and four-point harness, leather steering wheel, and even an aero kit. These models are ingeniously priced at €499 and €1499 respectively. With such an exclusive gift, who doesn’t want to be a kid again?