Pagani Zonda 764 Passione is rumored to be the last Zonda

Italian supercar-stable Pagani has wooed the world with its offspring, the Zonda, a street-burning car known for its shrieks and ever-excited engine. Now, as Pagani bids farewell to its creation, the company has pulled the veil off the final Zonda, christened the Pagani Zonda 764 Passione. Based on the Zonda F chassis and sporting the insides of the 760 RS and 760 LH, this will be the last Zonda to roll off Pagani’s assembly lines and will pack enough exposed carbon fiber to make most supercars of its pedigree go red-faced. Topped with pink accents as per the buyer’s wishes, the car also has the word “Passione” inscribed on its valve covers. It comes with pink brake calipers, setting it a mile apart from the usually intimidating Zonda.

Pagani will replace the Zonda with the Huayra, yet another jaw-dropping supercar that will continue Zonda’s reign of street supremacy.

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