Parajet Skycar: Dreaming about flying cars still?

Built at this year’s Goodwood Speed Festival, the Parajet Skycar has all it takes to keep you air bound while still driving! The car has a steel frame and uses carbon fiber to reduce the overall weight of the body. It runs on biodiesel and uses the engine of a Yamaha R1 1000cc motorcycle. That’s a total power of 140 hp. You can convert the vehicle from a speed buggy to a gliding vehicle in just three minutes. With a run-up of just 200 meters, the vehicle can take flight. This doesn’t exactly fit the bill of a flying car but one thing’s for sure, gliding isn’t all that boring an experience either plus it ensures safety.

The projected price of the Parajet Skycar is £35,000 (~$69,864). It can be expected to hit retailers by March 2009. What really amazes me about it is the 0-60 mph climb in a mere 4.5 seconds (on land) and an airspeed that can scrape 70 mph.