Paris may soon have eco-friendly bubble-shaped taxis to ferry around the Seine river

Going green is the need of the hour. With rising pollution levels and a plunge in global warming, organizations across the globe are trying their hands at devising gadgets/machines to help us evade the damaging effects to the environment. In one such move; the city of Paris too is all set to experiment with an eco-friendly means of travel that will help you ferry around the Seine River in style.

We’re talking about a novel bubble-shaped taxi that will zip up and down the Parisian river without polluting it even by a percent. Christened ‘SeaBubbles’, the ingenious water vessel resembles a tiny space shuttle that plans to take visitors on an eco-friendly river tour around famed Paris monuments. The oval-shaped electric hydrofoil boat is colored white and is fit accommodate close to four passengers at once. The “zero sound, zero waves, zero carbon dioxide” substitute will hopefully be run commercially in Paris and other cities starting next year.

Commenting on it, Anders Bringdal, SeaBubbles CEO, in a statement said, “The most important for us is no noise, no waves, no pollution. And bring them into cities that are congested,” He further added, “If you compare a similar size boat with an engine, you are going to run 30, 40, 50 euros an hour in fuel cost when this one costs you 3 dollars or 3 euros.” More of these across the world, please!


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