Personal water-craft from the 60s surfaces for a retro-waterride

Jet Skis are now common-place water crafts that you’d spot at just about every beach resort you visit. Here’s a unique way to blast above the water, one that probably might’ve spotted in a 1960s James bond flick! An Italian made Nautical Pleasure Cruiser is now up for sale, designed by Italian boutique design and engineering firm, Mival. The craft is the grandfather of the jet skis we have today and is a functional piece of equipment that has, for quite a while now, been limited to preservation. Completely well maintained and still sleek and shiny from the good old days, the craft requires the rider to hang on to its rear railing, instead of using the now-prevalent saddle ride. With a cruising speed of 5mph, get your hands on this for $8,000 to ride out on the blues.

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