Philippe Starck designs the Tofinou 12 luxury yacht

Design genius Philippe Starck needs no introductions. The designer who hit the right note with the yacht lovers with his $300 million megayachts has once again taken a dip in the yachting waters. The master has been roped in by Latitude 46 to design the luxurious Tofinou 12 luxury yacht. All set to debut at the 2010 Paris Boat Show, the yacht depicts the designer’s creativity and love for the sea. The hull is warm gray in color and features no waterline, just a signature of Philippe Starck while the carbon wheels of the yacht are silver-grey painted and leather-covered, and two storage units are added to the cockpit. A luxurious haven, you will find all the classic yachting materials from precious woods to leather and beautiful metal pieces in polished stainless steel on the Tofinou 12.

For instance, the salon takes comfort to a whole new level courtesy of its welcoming ambiance, including warm leather from floor to roof, wide curved seating, leather storage pockets customized by Goyard, varnished, painted oval table, and mirror-polished stainless steel mast support. A beauty, there are just no words to describe the elegance and luxe appeal that this creation offers.
Philippe Starck describes the Tofinou 12 project as “A Tofinou doesn’t exist. It’s just a dream, an evocation, a breeze, a sigh of happiness. So little materiality, so elegant. The perfect quality and timelessness of Tofinou born within the natural intelligence of the relationship between the sea and man. A dream.”

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