Pimp up your Gallardo with STRUT jewelry

STRUT, a company who primarily customized home audio systems has also successfully stepped into high-end customized automotive accessories. And one of its wonder in custom made luxury car jewelry is the Lamborghini Gallardo accessory kit. So if you feel that your Gallordo fails to impress any longer then give it a distinct personalized makeover with STRUT’s 11-piece accessory kit in carbon fiber and steel which include grilles for the front, side, and rear intakes, and the engine cover and bumper vents, as well as a STRUT shield for the front of the car.

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No doubt you have to pay a huge price of the distinctive look that is $25,000 for the basic set, $35,000 if you choose the titanium edition. And no, that doesn’t include the STRUT wheels, which is $9,000 extra.