Pininfarina designs the Lamborghini of tractors

Czech agricultural machinery manufacturer, Zetor, will be celebrating their 70th anniversary and to bring it in with the pomp and style it deserves we’ve been served with the tractor that probably packs more swag than your luxury sedan. Italian design studio Pininfarina has inspired the design of a tractor that has been inspired by the fine makings of sports cars. The company already holds high repute for their train design for the Eurostar.

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The tractor is designed with a front-leaning and sloped front end thus resembling sports cars that are designed to cut through the wind at high speed. The outer casing is touch and covers the machinery within the tractor so as to make the entire unit even more durable than it already is. The side panels of the vehicle can be detached conveniently to facilitate easy maintenance. The resemblance of the side panels to race car design aesthetics is very clear. A powerful performer tends to heat up real quick, which is why the cooling vents aid in cooling the insides of the tractor rather efficiently.
1510 Z pinin bok L X
Margaréta Víghová, Director of the Corporate Communication Department at Zetor Tractors said, “We assume that the new ZETOR by Pininfarina design will be adopted in all the series of Zetor tractors. Our engagement with Pininfarina hints to our customers that apart from new products which meet the technical requirements of our customers, we are also focusing on an attractive, modern design for our tractors.” It is quite surprising to learn that this is Pininfarina’s first attempt at designing a tractor.

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