Pininfarina unveils a limited edition E-Bike, and it can go really fast

Last week, the world’s largest bicycle trade show – the Eurobike cycling in Friedrichshafen, Germany- provided the perfect backdrop for the launch of a new electronic bicycle from Diavelo. The Dutch company partnered with renowned design firm Pininfarina to create the Elettronica Limited Edition, the latest and most advanced bike of Pininfarina and Diavelo’s E-Voluzione collection.

You’ll be forgiven for not guessing right away that this is an electronic bike. The companies have made an effort to conceal most of the components within the bike’s carbon fiber frame. This move not only improves the bike’s aesthetic appeal, it also helps distribute the weight of the electronic elements equally. As with previous models, the bike is equipped with a 500-watt battery which powers a Brose electric motor.

The bike’s GPS unit and Shimano Alfine electronic gearbox are also integrated into the frame. And despite featuring some high tech components, the bike weighs in at a comfortable 33lbs. Production is limited to 88 pieces and each one will be priced at around $11,900.