Pininfarina edition Agusta AW139 Executive helicopter – grab it before its takes off

We have talked about this renowned Italian design firm earlier with respect to cars, computer peripherals, chairs, Jacuzzis and more. But this time Pininfarina wants to take you much higher with the 2008 Pininfarina edition Agusta AW139 Executive helicopter. A chopper gives you the opportunity to soar into the sky and see the world from a different perspective. And it gets more exciting when Pininfarina has worked on it. A luxuriously spacious nine-passenger VIP cabin features Two-Zone Climate Control, a deluxe entertainment system with Airshow type mapping display, two 15″ monitors, CD/DVD/satellite radio/satellite/I-pod capability operated by a menu-driven touch screen controller, eight speakers, and a woofer sound system. Phew! That much in a chopper is more than a handful.

For more you can read here. Come crashing down if you have hit the jump for price as no word on the price tag.