Pininfarina Edition Interior Agusta AW139 chopper

We were quite impressed with the 2008 Pininfarina edition Agusta chopper, however, it is time to adapt to a new era with the Agusta AW139 Pininfarina Edition Interior. This new aero toy is equipped with all that you need to make your sky journey comfortable. The interiors are a nine passenger seating with two executive VVIP seats. With two 15” monitors, CD/DVD/satellite radio/satellite/i-Pod compatibility, entertainment and connectivity are both taken care of. The cabin and cockpit are separated by a full bulkhead and an Open Mike System ensures communications from cabin to cockpit. The Sagem ICDS-10 Multifunction Display accepts input from the Honeywell EPIC Flight Management System for GPS to make operations easier for pilots.

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Communications and operations are made easier through the Control panel reconfiguration and Pedestal pane reconfiguration. The aircraft provides a slew of additional features onboard, making the flying experience pleasant for one and all.