Pininfarina Edition Interior Agusta AW139 chopper

We were quite impressed with the 2008 Pininfarina edition Agusta chopper. However, it is time to adapt to a new era with the Agusta AW139 Pininfarina Edition Interior. This new aero toy is equipped with all that you need to make your sky journey comfortable. The interiors are nine passenger seating with two executive VVIP seats. With two 15” monitors, CD/DVD/satellite radio/satellite/i-Pod compatibility, entertainment and connectivity are both taken care of. A full bulkhead separates the cabin and cockpit, and an Open Mike System ensures communications from cabin to cockpit. The Sagem ICDS-10 Multifunction Display accepts input from the Honeywell EPIC Flight Management System for GPS to make operations easier for pilots.

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Communications and operations are made easier through the Control panel reconfiguration and Pedestal pane reconfiguration. The aircraft provides a slew of additional features onboard, making the flying experience pleasant for one and all.

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